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Fyne Formación is an institutional member of the College of Teachers and abides by its Code of Practice.


Tefl Madrid with Fyne


At FYNE FORMACIÓN we are committed to the advancement of education and the furthering of personal and professional growth and development. In an effort to remain at the forefront of professional excellence, we continually update and, if necessary, adapt our teaching methodologies and practises, ensuring that relevant changes in EFL educational processes are acknowledged and applied. Our teaching staff are also encouraged to continue in their own professional development, conforming to the demands of this advancing profession. Similarly, our methods, resources and training manuals therefore remain in line with up to date teaching practises

Tefl Madrid

In accordance with the guidelines set by the College of Teachers and in our quest to promote professional excellence in EFL teachers, FYNE TEFL graduates begin their teaching careers with:

•  An in-depth understanding of the workings of the English language, including structure, grammar, phonology etc.

•  The ability to ascertain student needs

•  The capacity to evaluate, select, adapt and create using a wide range of teaching resources

•  The ability to plan lessons and course materials effectively

•  Enthusiasm to motivate and educate

•  Enthusiasm to use of a range of various teaching techniques, appropriate to learners of all levels

•  The ability to maintain good classroom management

Tefl Spain

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