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Trainers Tefl Course in Spain

Business English (theory and practise) - Natalie B. Haynes

Natalie has been living in Madrid and teaching English for seven years. Originally from South London, England, she has a BSc. in Sociology and obtained her TESOL Certificate in the UK.

Before moving to Spain Natalie spent 15 years working in the legal profession. For the majority of that time she worked at two of London's leading law firms, specialising first in Company and Property Law and moving later into Litigation and White Collar Crime.

Natalie specialises in Business English and has written and developed courses for companies such as EADS CASA, EUROCOPTER and AIRBUS. She acts as a language consultant for various companies, offering professional advice on courses, course content, teacher training and selection. She is also assistant coordinator for our TEFL programme.

Instilling confidence and motivation in those new to the world of TEFL, her enthusiasm for teaching and innovative methods inspire TEFL trainees to approach teaching Business English with a high degree of professionalism, coupled with a fresh, individual and adaptable style.

General English (theory and practise) - Patrick O'Brien :

With a B.A. in Modern Languages and a Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language, obtained at the University of Kent, Patrick has more than 20 years experience as a TEFL teacher, translator and interpreter.

His professional experience is wide and varied. Patrick has taught at two of the most prominent Universities in Madrid; starting at Universidad Pontificia Comillas ICAI-ICADE where he remained for five years and is currently lecturing at Complutense University.

Patrick has designed a range of intensive training courses for the Spanish Military, the State Security Forces, private companies and government. He has also worked with the British Council spending many summers as an English trainer on intensive courses.

Patrick is a firm believer in a learner-centred approach, with special emphasis on improving students' oral communication skills. He favours an active, systematic approach to the teaching of grammar with the introduction of task-based activities when appropriate.

Business English (practise) - David Hernanz

David has been involved in the world of TEFL both as a teacher and teacher coordinator for more than 15 years. He holds a Bachelors degree in English Philology from Complutense University in Madrid, where he also sat his Doctoral courses in English Linguistics.

His thirst for knowledge has led him to attend a wide variety of teaching courses including: Mixed Ability teaching, Teaching Techniques and Testing. He was also part of an International Language Acquisition project sponsored by Complutense University and the Spanish Ministry of Education. David has lectured on various matters relating to TEFL, both in Spain (Young Linguists Association, Annual TESOL Spain Convention) and in the US (International TESOL conventions).

David has had several articles published including: “Production strategies in inter-language development : Cross-linguistic factors and lexical phrase use in learner output”, “Patterns of development in inter-language talk”, “Cognitive devices in the acquisition of existential-presentational constructions by EFL Spanish speakers” and “Cross-Linguistic Influence in Language Learning”.

Alter having taught all types of courses and students, David firmly believes that “student motivation” is an essential part of the learning process. A successful EFL trainer should be able to transmit her/his enthusiasm creating a relaxed working atmosphere.


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