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Fyne Formación is an institutional member of the College of Teachers and abides by its Code of Practice.



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The FYNE intensive 4-week TEFL course includes many hours dedicated to teaching practice and focuses on three main aspects:

- Teaching methodology : the general teaching process, lesson planning and preparation, understanding/working with the different learner levels and classroom management.

- Language analysis : grammar, vocabulary, phonology.

- Language skills : How to teach listening, speaking, reading and writing.

With guided teaching practise in the classroom, the FYNE TEFL program ensures that trainees put these essential aspects into immediate effect. We firmly believe that trainees must have the opportunity to practise as they learn, with the benefit of advice and guidance from qualified instructors.

These classroom practice sessions are fundamental to the learning process, as they prepare each trainee for the real thing.


With the FYNE TEFL program there is no final examination. Experience has proved that testing trainees on accumulated knowledge, immediately after completion of an extensive training program, does not always accurately reflect true ability.

We prefer progressive evaluation as it leads to more effective trainee progress. Progressive evaluation throughout the 100 hour program also pinpoints those areas where trainees excel and those where further instruction is required. Trainees are assessed by means of written tests, oral feedback and during classroom practises.

Fyne Tefl Spain

On successful completion of the course and all written assessments, trainees then receive an International TEFL Certificate


Our learning centre is situated in a popular commercial zone, close to the historic centre of Madrid and two of the main universities. At night, this part of the city transforms into one of the liveliest, most exciting areas of the city ; it is great for night owls and for those who wish to sample good and inexpensive "cañas y tapas".



Tefl in Madrid Trainers


Our training team consists of highly qualified, experienced instructors who are fully dedicated to giving TEFL trainees the best possible instruction and guidance throughout the course. Our trainers are skilled in the arts of motivational training and confidence building. They are always on hand to give useful advice and to ensure that trainees receive the full benefit of the training program.



Group classes should never exceed 10 people. With this policy we ensure that trainees receive maximum tutor attention.



Once trainees have completed our 4-week TEFL training programme and have obtained a certificate, we will send their Cvs to the most reputable English schools in Madrid helping them until they find a suitable teaching position.

Membership - Professional Bodies


On successful completion of the course as a FYNE Formacion employee, through our own Institutional Membership, you will be entitled to become an individual member of the College of Teachers.

The College of Teachers is the professional membership body for the teaching profession in the UK. In 1846 it was founded as a Society of Teachers, in 1849 was incorporated by Royal Charter as The College of Preceptors, changing its name in 1998 to the College of Teachers.

As members of the College of Teachers we abide by a strict code of professional practise. Some of those practises include:

· Maintaining the integrity of the profession in public and in the media;

· Ensuring, as far as is possible, that individual pupils and students, and groups of pupils and students, achieve their full educational potential

· Furthering the development of professional skills, knowledge and attitudes in themselves and colleagues ensuring positive collaboration with those in educational and other institutions, authorities, examination boards and other specialist bodies

Full information about the College of Teachers can be found on their website.


Our administrative personnel speak fluent Spanish and English and are willing to assist trainees as much as possible. Our goal is to make your TEFL course and your stay in Madrid an enjoyable experience.



FYNE TEFL trainees will receive each of the following completely free of charge :

- A basic Spanish course - with a qualified, native teacher.
- A 210 page TEFL course manual (including teaching materials and resources etc.)

-A 50 page Business English course manual.

- FREE accommodation information service *
- FREE internet access.

*Our staff are happy to assist as much as possible in the search for accommodation in Madrid. Although we are not responsible for trainee housing, we will assist with lists of hotels, rooming houses and web-sites etc, where suitable accommodation can be located.


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